Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund


  1. SFLDEF is the sole determiner of whether or not funds will be awarded. Priority will be given to persons needing assistance because of alternative sexual expression. Considerations for determining awards include but are not limited to: whether the case is likely to be successful, whether the case would set a valuable precedent, whether the client is prepared to persevere.
  2. Checks for attorney fees will be written only to an attorney's trust account.
  3. Funds for attorney fees will be disbursed only after demonstration of the attorney's licensure and willingness and ability to undertake the representation.
  4. Funds for expert witnesses will be funneled through the attorney's trust account, or, in the case of a pro se recipient, sent directly to the expert witness.
  5. Funds for expert witnesses may be disbursed only after receipt of acceptable documentation of the expert's qualifications.
  6. Potential and actual recipients of assistance have no privileged relationship with SFLDEF; however, SFLDEF will not disclose information about potential and actual recipients of assistance unless compelled by subpoena or other court order.
  7. All SFLDEF board of directors' decisions regarding requests for assistance are final.
  8. Recipients of SFLDEF assistance are expected to comply with all court orders, to cooperate with their attorneys, to exercise good faith in their dealings with the Court, and to proceed in forma pauperis to conserve SFLDEF funds.
  9. Funds awarded are grants and not subject to repayment; however, any SFLDEF funds unexpended from the attorney's trust account at the conclusion of representation should be returned to SFLDEF. Naturally, SFLDEF would appreciate contributions from successful recipients when their financial situations permit.
  10. Awards depend on availability of funds.
  11. Attorneys receiving funds from SFLDEF are encouraged to contribute pro bono time to the case and/or to handle it at a reduced rate.
  12. Referrals to attorneys and expert witnesses are made without investigation of their qualifications, and are based only on their expressed willingness to work in the area of alternative sexual expression.
  13. SFLDEF will not reimburse any applicant for expenses incurred in providing requested documentation.
  14. SFLDEF will apply 95 percent of an earmarked donation to the case or purpose designated by the donor and retain the other 5 percent for general operating expenses or similar cases or causes.
  15. These policies are subject to change without notice.

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